Vape products provide a convenient way to experience the CBD and cannabinoid effects of smoking hemp without having to light up. Many are choosing vaporization tools as a tobacco alternative, and we stock an impressive range of items and flavors to please every palate. Our ever-evolving supply of top-quality vape items includes batteries, CBD E-liquids ("vape juice"), refillable cartridges, terpene-infused disposable vape pens and terpene-infused cartridges.

One of our most popular products is a full-spectrum hemp extract from California company For The People. Their "Uncut" line of vape products aren't cut with any carrier oils or chemicals. Instead, they consist of pure, 100% chemical-free organic CBD infused with cannabis terpenes, so you're ingesting pure straight hemp extract and terpenes.

Canna Hemp crafts vape products designed to create targeted effects, resulting in cartridges called Calm, Focus, Euphoria, Relief, and Sleep--all of which you'll find on our shelves. In addition, we carry vape items from well-respected companies such as Pulsar, Max Battery, SeshGear, Canna Trading Company and World Class Health.