CBD topicals are formulated for use directly on the skin to help a variety of issues. Products such as salves, creams, balms and serums tend to have high cannabinoid concentrations and are ideal for targeting areas with specific issues such as injuries, inflammation, joint pain, bruises and burns. Some topicals such as certain lotions and oils can deliver a lower dose of CBD but still provide tremendous benefits to the skin. 

We're proud to carry a wide selection of hemp extract topicals that feature a range of healing & pain relief uses. These include pre-and-post workout creams, burn relievers, moisturizers, lip balms, massage oils, skin serums and other unique products designed to target specific areas of concern. Topical brands on hand include World Class Health, Canna Hemp, Bodies Best, 43CBD Solutions, Herbal Fracture, Flora's Mercantile, Nature's Love, VeedVerks, Kat's Naturals, Blue Ridge Canna, and Mother's Hemp.