CBD edibles are consumables made to taste great, have a low price point and deliver a set dose of CBD in a convenient (and delicious!) way. The beneficial effects of the CBD can take longer to set in than other delivery methods, but they also last longer. Asheville Dispensary proudly brings you products such as gummies, chocolates, infused almonds and blueberries, medicine balls, hemp protein powders, infused honeys, shelled hempseeds, and a great variety of hemp coffees and teas.

Our house brand, A.D. CBD, boasts a delicious rotating line of CBD gummies that can include peach rings, Swedish fish, rainbow rings, sour watermelons, strawberries, blue raspberries, rainbow tape and gummy sharks. Some are organic and/or vegan, and all are THC Free. This makes them a great alternative if you have THC sensitivity of any kind.

We're especially proud to carry premium quality locally-grown teas & local honeys from our neighbors at Astria Farm.